Meet the Geeks


A self-proclaimed film geek who excels with Asperger’s Syndrome.  His first movie he can remember seeing in the theater was SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE at age 2½ and hasn’t looked back since.  Besides being a critic, Austin is also a filmmaker, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, roller derby player, and musician.  He collects bad movie posters and rare board games.  He spends pretty much all of his time watching and studying movies from every era and genre.  His favorite films include: SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, DR. STRANGELOVE and TAXI DRIVER.  He doesn’t pretend to be an expert or even a talented writer.  Austin is just a passionate film geek who wants to share his love for the movies to everyone!


A natural born film geek, there was no turning back. Scott is a lover of film, particularly cult and exploitation cinema. Of particular annoyance are films that don’t attempt anything outside the status quo. Other pastimes include writing. His favorite films include everything from TAXI DRIVER and THE EXORCIST, to THE SEVEN SAMURAI and SPIDER BABY.

Scott reviews films a bit differently. His two standards for judging a film goes as follows:

    • What was the film trying to accomplish and how well did it meet those goals?
    • In addition to (or sometimes, despite) that, how does the film hold up on sheer entertainment value?It means some films get their due here that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. It also means some overrated films get called out. That’s just the way Scott operates.


No movie is off limits for this film lover. With over 4,300 movies under his 33-year-old belt, Jesse has spent more time in a movie theater than most people care to understand. The go-to guy whenever a movie is in question, Jesse runs in conjunction with his posts on Film Geek Central. When not watching movies, Jesse is sidetracked by his day job at Subway. His favorite thing to order at the concession stand is buttered popcorn and good, old-fashioned Coca-Cola. A big fan of movie nostalgia, Jesse loves to watch and review retro movies in addition to what’s new in theaters. While most film geeks would be hard-pressed to narrow their favorite movie down to just one, the movie he loves to watch most is “Back to the Future.” His reviews are quick and concise, and he has no problem telling you if a movie sucks even if it has a 95% rating on the highly-touted Tomatometer.


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