Film Geek Central presents: THE FILMS OF 1973 – Podcast Episode 15


Welcome to another episode of The Films of 1973, where I review every available film from 1973!

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For this episode I’m joined by Film Geek Central’s own Jesse Hoheisel.

Together we’ll be reviewing:

mean mother

MEAN MOTHER [R] 1hr 26min. Directed by Al Adamson & Leon Klimovsky – 2 army vets begin a life of crime and then decide to get out and move to Canada (I think).


THE DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE [R] 1hr 33min. Directed by Jean Brismee – 5 people go to a big scary mansion and are stalked by a some demon chick.


ASSAULT [R] 1hr 27min Starring Suzy Kendall; Directed by Sidney Hayers – A guy is raping students at a school, and a teacher works with the police to catch him.


DEEP THRUST: THE HAND OF DEATH [R] 1hr 24min. Directed by Feng Huang – A martial arts film with a bad ass female as the main star.


ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES [PG] 1hr 28min. Starring Cliff Robertson; Directed by John Erman – During the depression era, a guy and his son fly around in a plane making money by flying from town to town and giving the locals rides.


AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS [R]1hr 30min. Starring Peter Cushing; Directed by Roy Ward Baker – British horror film about a newly married couple moving into a cursed house.

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