Film Geek Central presents: THE FILMS OF 1973 – Podcast Episode 12


Welcome to another episode of The Films of 1973, where I review every available film from 1973!

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For this episode I’m joined by my brother and best friend, Perry Kennedy.

Together, we’ll be reviewing:


SCARECROW [R] 1hr 52min Starring Gene Hackman, Al Pacino; Directed by Jerry Schatzberg – Two drifters travel across the country to Pittsburgh, where they plan to up a car wash.


SCHLOCK [PG] 1hr 20min Directed by John Landis – Horror spoof about the missing link terrorizing a small town.


STATE OF SIEGE [NR] 2hrs 1min Directed by Costas-Gavras – Politically charged thriller about a group of fascists that kidnap an important political figure.


THEATER OF BLOOD [R] 1hr 44min. Starring Vincent Price, Diana Rigg; Directed by Douglas Hickox – Dark horror comedy about a Shakespearian actor killing all of the critics that gave him bad reviews.


CHARLEY ONE-EYE [R] 1hr 22min. Starring Richard Roundtree; Directed by Don Chaffey – Low budget western about a black man and an Indian who become unlikely friends?


THE BABY [PG] 1hr 24min. Directed by Ted Post; – Bizarre semi-horror film about a family raising a 21 year old man as an infant.


You can listen to the episode here:

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