Film Geek Central presents THE FILMS OF 1973 – Podcast Episode 5

char's web

Welcome to another episode of The Films of 1973, where I review every available film from 1973!

You can view the entire upcoming schedule for the podcast, as well as look up  previous episodes, here.

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For this episode I’m joined by Cat Manchack!

The films we’ll be taking a look at this week are:


CHARLOTTE’S WEB [G] 1hr 34min. Featuring the voices of Henry Gibson, Debbie Reynolds; Directed by Charles Nichols & Isao Takamoto – Animated film based on the classic children’s novel.


LOLLY MADONNA XXX [PG] 1hrs 45min. Starring Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan, Jeff Bridges, Season Hubley, Scott Wilson, Ed Lauter, Randy Quaid, Gary Busey; Directed by Richard C. Sarafian – A practical joke is taken to far between to rival families fighting over a piece of land in the south.


KILL! KILL! KILL! [R] 1hr 42min. Starring James Mason, Stephen Boyd, Jean Seberg; Directed by Romain Gary – A detective is trying to figure out who is killing a bunch of drug dealers.


PAYDAY [R] 1hr 42min. Starring Rip Torn; Directed by Daryl Duke – A day in the life of a self-destructive country singer.


TEN FROM YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS [G] 1hr 32min. Starring Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris; Directed by Max Liebman – Ten sketches from the 50’s comedy program, Your Show of Shows.


WALKING TALL [R] 2hrs. 4min. Starring Joe Don Baker; Directed by Phil Karlson – Based on a true story about a man who comes back to his home town, only to find it full of criminal activity.

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