Austin Kennedy’s Top 100 Comedies of All Time (#60-51)

Over a year ago I took it upon myself to make a list of my favorite comedies.  I only did a like 5 or so.  Well, I have not compiled a revised list together, and actually ranked them this time.

Before I share the list with you, here are some things I would to make clear.

  1. This is JUST my opinion.  Humor is very subjective. Everyone has their own tastes, so before you attack me for not including any Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith or “Seth Rogen comedy troupe” movies on my list…. just remember, these are the movies that make ME laugh more than any of the others out there.  I was raised on classic comedy and 80’s silliness, so just be aware of that.
  2.  This list was extremely hard to rank, so take the number listings with a grain of salt.  It’s hard to say if number 39 is really better than number 40, however number 39 is probably better than number 80.

I do know this: My favorite comedy of all time is definite.  So my number 1, is truly what I think is the funniest film ever made.

What I hope to accomplish with this list is to make the reader remember films they may have seen, make them aware of other films they may not have seen, and start some fun movie-related conversations.  (This list is not an open invite to internet trolls, however, haha!)

Okie Dokie, here we go with numbers 60-51!!!!


60. SINGIN IN THE RAIN (1952) – This is easily one of my 3 favorite films of all time.  Now while I consider other movies to be funnier than this, there is no denying that this has some spectacular bits of comedy laced throughout.  Funny moments that come to mine are Donald O’Connor’s legendary “Make em’ Laugh” number, Jean Hagen’s hilarious performance as a beautiful, dim-witted actress, and just the general satirical nature of the whole film as it spoofs the film industry.  It’s a class act!


59. L.A. STORY (1991) – Steve Martin’s masterpiece.  Think of it as a kind of Woody Allen style movie, but a little bit surreal and goofier.  Besides being a great romance, the film has several laugh-out loud, wacky moments as Martin’s “funny” weather man is trying to woo a free-spirited British woman.  Charming and hilarious!


58. HORSE FEATHERS (1932) – I love the Marx Bros. (as you will find a few more coming up later on the list), and this one is one of their more faster paced romps.  Groucho is a professor at a college, his son is the straight-faced Zeppo, and Chico and Harpo are working for a gangster who is trying to sabotage the big football game.  The jokes are fast and furious, and the movie is pure nonsense.  So that means it’s awesome!


57. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (1972 – U.S. RELEASE YEAR) – The Monty Python troupe recreates classic bits from their Flying Circus TV show and the results are arguably more hilarious than the originals.  It’s just a serious of sketches loosely (if at all) tied together.  I love the opening about how not to hide, and the finale of the Twits race.  But I would say every sketch in here works and is absolutely hysterical.


56. BILLY MADISON (1995) – Adam Sandler’s masterpiece as he plays an underachieving drunk who must go back to school (every grade) to inherit his father’s hotel business.  Essentially, this film is just an excuse for Sandler to act like an idiot and do silly things.  I can quote nearly the entire film.  It has a goofy charm and I just love how weird this movie gets at times.  I wish Sandler would go back to do a film like this again.  In my opinion, he has never been funnier than he was in this film (though he came close with HAPPY GILMORE).


55. HOT FUZZ (2007) – Edgar Wright does it again with this brilliant dark action/comedy that spoofs buddy action films from the late 80s/early 90s.  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a perfect comedy duo.  It’s a specific type of humor, but if you “get” it, you will think it’s the funniest thing ever!  The final 30 minutes are equally full of non-stop action and laughs, and quite often simultaneously.  The Point Break references also help too.


54. BLOCK-HEADS (1938) – A classic Laurel & Hardy comedy.  This one has Stan still in the trenches 20 years after the war has ended.  When he finally returns to the states, his old army buddy Ollie finds him and decides to bring him home to meet the wife.  So many classic bits of comedy that I can’t even begin to list them.  What I love about Laurel & Hardy is that their humor have equal amounts of slapstick and wit.


53. THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994) – The Coen Bros. big budget comedy (the sets are just incredible) set in 1958, has Tim Robbins as an eager college graduate trying to make his way to the top of a big corporation.  Part Howard Hawks, Part Billy Wilder, part Preston Sturges, with a little bit of Zucker Bros. humor thrown in.  Besides being expertly directed and elegantly charming, this movie has crackerjack comic timing.  Paul Newman is in top form as an evil business executive, and Jennifer Jason Leigh is on absolute fire here as a fast-talking news reporter.  Unique, whimsical and just a blast to watch.


52. 10 (1979) – In my opinion, this is Blake Edwards’ finest film.  It was a huge hit when it originally came out, but I feel it doesn’t get much attention these days and that’s too bad.  It’s about a songwriter played by Dudley Moore who is going through some life crisis and obsesses over Bo Derek, which jeopardizes his relationship with long time lover Julie Andrews.  The script is very well written full of hilarious lines of dialogue.  But then Edwards also adds classic slapstick and pratfalls in unexpected places.  Dudley Moore has never been better.  His comic timing is perfect.  A great comedy for adults.


51. BRAIN DONORS (1992) – Originally called LAME DUCKS, this movie was a huge failure.  But what writer Pat Proft has created here is a loving homage to the old Marx Bros. movies.  Really, this is just a crazy re-working of NIGHT AT THE OPERA (but with ballet instead).  Bob Nelson is the Harpo character (though he does talk), Mel Smith is sort of like a British Chico, and John Turturro steals the film as the Groucho character!  His facial expression, line delivery and manic energy just brings this film to life.  There are so many great bits here.  This movie is a love letter to classic comedies from the 1930’s and it’s a shame that this film has been swept under the rug.  Seek this unknown gem out.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for numbers 50-41.


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