Austin Kennedy’s Top 100 Comedies of All Time (#80-71)

Over a year ago I took it upon myself to make a list of my favorite comedies.  I only did a like 5 or so.  Well, I have not compiled a revised list together, and actually ranked them this time.

Before I share the list with you, here are some things I would to make clear.

  1. This is JUST my opinion.  Humor is very subjective. Everyone has their own tastes, so before you attack me for not including any Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith or “Seth Rogen comedy troupe” movies on my list…. just remember, these are the movies that make ME laugh more than any of the others out there.  I was raised on classic comedy and 80’s silliness, so just be aware of that.
  2.  This list was extremely hard to rank, so take the number listings with a grain of salt.  It’s hard to say if number 39 is really better than number 40, however number 39 is probably better than number 80.

I do know this: My favorite comedy of all time is definite.  So my number 1, is truly what I think is the funniest film ever made.

What I hope to accomplish with this list is to make the reader remember films they may have seen, make them aware of other films they may not have seen, and start some fun movie-related conversations.

You can check out numbers 100-91 here

You can check out numbers 90-81 here

Okie Dokie, here we go!!!!!!!


80. FATAL INSTINCT (1993) – This Zucker-style like comedy barely made a blip on the radar upon release, and that’s a shame.  This spoof of steamy thrillers like CAPE FEAR, BODY HEAT, BASIC INSTINCT, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY and FATAL ATTRACTION is just outrageously funny.  Armand Assante is even funnier than Leslie Nielsen playing it hilariously straight as a detective/lawyer.  It’s that kind of head-slapping dumb humor that made films like AIRPLANE popular, but man, this one has the jokes coming fast and furious.  A criminally overlooked comedy.


79. ZELIG (1983) – This Woody Allen film is very unique.  It’s shot like a dry documentary.  One that you would find on PBS.  But because of the way it’s told, so serious, is why this film is so funny.  I mean, the ridiculous premise about a man who changes the way he looks and acts around whoever he’s with, is just silly.  But it’s done very seriously, which makes it all the more funny.  It’s also a great technical achievement besides being tremendously funny.


78. UHF  (1989) – Weird Al’s masterpiece!  He throws in everything but the kitchen sink.  Full of vivid parodies and numerous memorable and hilarious characters.  Michael Richards shines as Stanley Spidowski, the dim-witted janitor.


77. BUFFALO 66 (1998) – Vincent Gallo made his directorial debut with this quirky, bizarre, ambitious, black comedy that have moments that are laugh out loud funny.  But, most of them come from the character Gallo is playing, who is a really messed up individual.  Also, if you have something against Gallo, this movie won’t change your mind.  But man, some of the things he says in this movie just break me up, like when he kidnaps Christina Ricci and they’re going to take her car and then he realizes that it’s a “shifter” car and he can’t drive those kinds of cars.  And then Anjelica Huston as his mother…….. funny stuff!


76. ONE, TWO, THREE (1961) – Billy Wilder is a comic genius.  This is one of his lesser known comedies about a coca-cola executive trying to close a deal in Germany.  Lots of political satire going on, but the thing that really makes this movie is the rare comic powerhouse performance from James Cagney.  He’s firing on all cylinders here and recites Wilder’s dialogue in machine gun-like fashion.


75. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1986) – Not only is this a great musical, but it’s a great comedy filled with colorful characters.  Steve Martin steals every scene he’s in as the douchebag dentist who abuses the female protagonist…… until Bill Murray comes into the dentist office to steal the movie from him.  Lots of good stuff in this movie, not being the least is Rick Moranis who practically carries the whole movie. And he has the voice of an angel!


74. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) – I was never one to really like going to the midnight screenings of this where people go and make fun of the movie.  It’s already a great spoof of B-movie horror films by itself.  It doesn’t need any extra commentary . Tim Curry is absolutely terrific as Frank.  It’s a wonderfully comic performance played absolutely straight.  Everything in this movie is pitch perfect in what they were trying to achieve.  No reason to mess up the movie by talking through it.  It’s a true cult classic that’s quite funny.


73. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (1944) – I actually didn’t see this one until quite recently, and man, am I sure glad I did.  This ghoulish comedy about 2 old ladies who poison elderly men turns out to be riotous.  A big part of that credit goes to Cary Grant who has never been so energetic and over-the-top.  Every little facial tick he displays will generate a laugh out of you.  It’s a silly, slightly macabre farce.


72. SHERLOCK JR. (1924) – Buster Keaton’s innovative comedy.  This is the one where he walks into the movie screen at a theater he works at.  The comic timing along with the ambitious editing make this a historical comedy.  It also has some unforgettable stunts.  Nothing better than visual punchlines, and this movie is chock full of them.


71. THREE AMIGOS (1986) – I keep going back to watch this movie, preparing for it not to be funny anymore.  But I’m wrong every time.  This movie still holds up.  Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short work SO well with each other here that it makes one wonder why they never teamed up again.  It’s a classic comedy adventure that is full of laughs and great songs.  So many classic moments from this .  You know you’re a fan of this movie if you know what I mean when I ask you: “Will there be a plethora?”

Numbers #70-61 coming soon!!!

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