Austin Kennedy’s Top 100 Comedies of All Time! – (#100-91)

Over a year ago I took it upon myself to make a list of my favorite comedies.  I only did a like 5 or so.  Well, I have now compiled a revised list together, and actually ranked them this time.

Before I share the list with you, here are some things I would to make clear.

  1. This is JUST my opinion.  Humor is very subjective. Everyone has their own tastes, so before you attack me for not including any Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith or “Seth Rogen comedy troupe” movies on my list…. just remember, these are the movies that make ME laugh.  I was raised on classic comedy and 80’s silliness, so just be aware of that going into this list.
  2.  This list was extremely hard to rank, so take the number listings with a grain of salt.  It’s hard to say if number 39 is really better than number 40, however number 39 is probably better than number 80.
  3. And finally, if a movie made this list, that means I think it’s very, very funny.  Remember, I’ve seen nearly 6,000 films, so if it made it in the Top 100, then it’s worthy.  Don’t get hung up on a film if it’s “only number 100”.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

I do know this: My favorite comedy of all time is definite.  So my number 1 is truly what I think is the funniest film ever made.

What I hope to accomplish with this list is to make the reader remember films they may have seen, make them aware of other films they may not have seen, and start some fun movie-related conversations.  (This list is not an open invite to internet trolls, however, haha!)

Okie Dokie, here we go!!!!!!!


100. ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE (1994) – When I first saw this movie in the theater when I was 17, I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.  In fact, I was laughing so hard that the girl in front of me told me to shut up (very rudely, I might add).  Jim Carrey was on fire in this movie.  He’s completely unhinged and out of control, which is why this film works so much.  He was not a superstar yet.  He was a hungry young comedian that was willing to do anything for a laugh.  It’s a showcase of his talents, and in my opinion, has never been able to top.



99. THE END (1978) – I didn’t think the movie was that great when I first saw it, but upon revisiting it, I have discovered this to be an underrated comic gem.  Burt Reynolds’ cynical black comedy about a man trying to kill himself because he got diagnosed with cancer is astonishingly funny.  Then in the second half of the movie when Dom DeLuise shows up as a fellow inmate at the looney bin, it gets even funnier.  DeLuise is absolutely hysterical here, and the way he and Reynolds play off of each other is classic.



98. GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990) – Yes, I know.  The original GREMLINS is a classic,  but man is the sequel so much funnier.  Not only is this a satire on modern technology, it’s also a hilarious parody of the original.  The movie switches back and forth from dark humor to over-the-top slapstick constantly, and it’s a fun energetic ride!



97. BALL OF FIRE (1941) – I’ve only seen this once,  but this love story about a professor studying a hip, modern woman to understand slang so he can make additions to a dictionary is screwball comedy at its classiest.  And the group of old men helping the professor are a riot.  The script, by Billy Wilder, is smart as a whip.



96. OUR HOSPITALITY (1923) – A wonderful dark comedy by the great Buster Keaton, in which he falls in love with a girl whose family holds a grudge on his family for the past hundred years.  The sight gags are draw dropping and the comic timing is impeccable.



95. USED CARS (1980) – This is a movie I only recently saw, but man is this a good one.  I would compare the crazy, raunchy energy this film has to ANIMAL HOUSE.  Though I think this is even funnier.  Kurt Russell is having a blast and of course, Jack Warden is terrific as the foul-mouthed villain.  And the film gets crazier as it moves along.



94. SPACEBALLS (1987) – Not many other films from the 80’s are more quotable than Mel Brooks’ spoof on STAR WARS and other Sci-Fi flicks.  In fact, one could argue that this is actually more fun to quote than to actually watch.  But either way, there are some classic moments in this movie that make me laugh out loud and if a movie can do that, it definitely earns a spot on this list.  And Rick Moranis steals the movie as Dark Helmet.



93. PARDON US (1931) – The first film from Laurel & Hardy to make the list, and you better believe it won’t be the last.  This one has the boys in prison as they try to fit in and be tough,  but you know that ain’t going to happen.  Not a broadly funny film, but it’s filled with little things that make me laugh like crazy.  This was a favorite of mine growing up.



92. THE KID BROTHER (1927) – Silent comedian Harold Lloyd in a western about a wimp trying to proof himself to his Sheriff father and the town that he can be a worthy deputy.  Filled with great comedic moments and feature a thrilling comic fight at the finale.



91. THE GREAT RACE (1965) – Blake Edwards’ overstuffed (nearly) 3 hour comedy.  Man, this movie looks like it would have cost about 250 million with today’s money.  This broad comedy takes place during the pioneering days of the automobile with Tony Curtis trying to win an “around the world” car race, but the evil Jack Lemmon (who is just wonderful here) is trying to beat him using every dirty trick in the book.  Big sets, elaborate sight gags and features a huge pie fight at the end.  Probably the “biggest” comedy ever made.


Stay tuned for #90-81.  Coming soon!


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