NEWS FLASH: Austin is excited about movies again!!!!!

I’ve been seeing new trailers for all these upcoming films.  There are some that I am looking forward to, like the new HOBBIT movie, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, SIN CITY 2, and a few others.  They all look to be good.  Hearing about some other films coming out next year, like the string of new Marvel films and the BATMAN AND SUPERMAN thing.  I’m going to see them.  But lately, my excitement for new movies has really gone down.  I find myself just not really caring.  Personally, I am having more fun watching old films, which is why I haven’t really been reviewing any new films.  I saw a couple of good movies this summer, like DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and EDGE OF TOMORROW, but nothing I really want to take the time to write about.  There just haven’t been any movies coming out that get my blood pumping these days.  Frankly, I’d rather spend my time playing modern boardgames.  Those have been getting me more excited than a new film these past few months.

I miss the days when I got pumped up for a film so much that it was all I could talk about.  I would count down the days and then finally go to the midnight screening.  My adrenaline would be so high that it would make me dizzy.  There is really nothing like that anymore, not today, to get me that excited.  Man, I sure miss those days……………

……… BUT……




……..then this happened………








HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

This trailer took me by my face, shook the shit out of me….. and woke up the film geek inside me who has been sleeping for at least the past year.

THE ROAD WARRIOR is one of my favorite films of all time!!!   I love the other 2 MAD MAX films too!  I have been hearing about this movie for so long that I pretty much grew tired of it.  Any anticipation for it went away.  I just didn’t really think it was going to be anything special.

Well, it looks like I was dead fucking wrong!


Words can’t describe how this trailer made me feel, but I’ll tell you this much.  This trailer to GOT my adrenaline pumping!!!!   I was shaking with excitement afterwards.  EVERYTHING that happens in it just blew my balls off!  Just seeing the text that says, “From visionary filmmaker George Miller”…… FUCK……YEAH!

My love for movies has been recharged.  I can’t wait for 2015!  This is going to be the year that gets me back into movies.  Because, quite frankly, 2014 has got to be one of the worst years in recent memory for cinema goers.

Get ready to hear from me more often.  Because I’m ready to start seeing movies again!




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