Philip Seymour Hoffman and Why We Mourn

Philip-Seymore-Hoffman-Hunger-Games-Catching-FirePhilip Seymour Hoffman has passed away at the age of 46. The cause of death is currently unknown but is believed to have been a drug overdose. As people scrambled to confirm whether the story was true or just another cruel internet hoax, fans reacted spectacularly. People are angry and hurt, they feel empathy for the family while feeling cheated themselves.

I’m one of them. Having no other recourse, I did something I never did before. I turned on the microphone and just started talking. For around 15 minutes, I talked about why Hoffman meant so much to me as an actor and as an artist. And then, I went off into a sideline and pondered why so many people rise up in mourning when a public figure who has contributed so much passes. I didn’t even know if I was going to upload it. I don’t know if I was expecting any kind of reaction or if I care what that reaction might be. I felt the need to share as we so often do in this day and age.

What follows probably isn’t as eloquent as I would like it to be. There was no script. I just talked and tried to express what was on my mind in those first couple hours after the news has broken. I edited nothing except for some of the most interminable pauses and half of those I left in anyway. What follows is just the raw feeling, the reaction to what happened and why we truthfully wind up caring so much.

If you do not see the embedded link below, you can also hear it by following this link.


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  1. Thanks, Scott! Great job describing the loss of great talent!

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