Scarlett Johansson Gets Out of Her Clothes, UNDER THE SKIN


Yes, it’s a shameless and pathetic attempt to lure you into the article. We’re trying to get hits here. Besides, it worked.

By now, it should become readily apparent that the tastes of most filmgoers are not necessarily my tastes. I am sickened by the stagnant, boring, by the numbers nature of many of the films being released today. So much so that I even have an entire YouTube web series based on this (There I go, trolling for hits again.).

But consider me stoked for the upcoming Scottish-lensed sci-fi/horror flick UNDER THE SKIN. This film stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who travels the roads of Scotland, picking up hitchhikers, luring them in for sex and then… well I’m not sure. Either she sends them back to her homeworld, or she kills them. I didn’t read Michael Faber’s novel. She veers away from her mission when something happens to make her examine her sexuality and for lack of a better term, humanity. It is directed by Jonathan Glazer (BIRTH, SEXY BEAST) and looks exceptionally arty and loopy.

Looking at this extended (and more explicit) trailer, one can’t help but notice how unlike a trailer it feels. It is mysterious, not really telling you all that much about what the film is about but giving you a good feeling for what it feels like. Comparisons have been made to the films of David Lynch. While that has just become a go-to name when a film is bizarre, here it might actually be accurate. I would expect the actual film to fully stake its claim as part of Glazer’s filmography.

Making this even more of an avant-garde project, none of her potential victims are actors. Johansson really did pick up men off the side of the road. It was only once they were in the car that they were told they were making a movie. Getting picked up by Johansson and then being told that you’re going to be in a sexy movie? I imagine at least one of them thought, “This is officially the greatest day ever!”

UNDER THE SKIN has been making the festival circuit and should be released to theatres next Spring.


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