Surprise! ROBOCOP REDUX Looks Ridiculous

courtesy of Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

courtesy of Basement of Ghoulish Decadence


The trailer for the long-awaited remake of ROBOCOP is here and guess what? It looks completely interchangable with every other sci-fi/action reboot.

This is of course a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film, which used a dystopian landscape, an anti-capitalist undercurrent, over the top violence and biting satire to at once celebrate and lampoon many of our notions of heroism.  Judging from the trailer, this remake takes all of that and scraps it in favor of “CYBORG MAKE THINGS GO BOOM!”

The new film is directed by Jose Padilha (ELITE SQUAD). It stars Joel Kinnaman (LOLA VERSUS, THE KILLING) as Alex Murphy. To be fair, the remake seems to have taken the main plot outline of the original and done its own thing. Alex Murphy seems to be the only character who, by name anyway, has been ported over to the new version.

Notable differences this time around include Murphy’s family being well aware of what has become of Alex and even reluctantly signing off on the deal. Murphy is aware of his identity and there is a suggestion that Robocop continues trying to be a good husband and father while being half man/half machine. This of course obliterates the primary emotional conceit of the original.

They have managed to assemble an impressive supporting cast for the film including Abbie Cornish (SUCKER PUNCH, STOP-LOSS) as Mrs. Murphy, Gary Oldman as one of the scientists in charge, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel (HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, THIS IS THE END), Aimee Garcia (DEXTER), Jennifer Ehle (ZERO DARK THIRTY), Jackie Earle Haley (WATCHMEN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Michael K. Williams and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Miguel Ferrer also seems to have a small role, though not as the same character he played in Verhoeven’s film.

I don’t know. Judging from the trailer, I don’t see anything here that sets it apart from the standard big-budget action films that flood the marketplace already. It spots, it seems to recall made for TV clichés and the idea of having Robocop have a heart to heart with his son seems quite desperate. The trailer seems to do nothing to differentiate itself from the middle of the road actioner. Whereas the original did something new, this one seems bound to please the widest audience possible and coming up with something decidedly non-spectacular just so everyone will have an average experience. I would be surprised if this doesn’t score a PG-13. It looks like another $100 million spent on mediocrity to me.

MGM’s rebooted ROBOCOP will be released on February 7, 2014.  Are you willing to buy that for a dollar?



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  1. I wrote an article and was about to post the trailer on my very own post, but Scott beat me by only a couple of minutes. Son of a……..

    Anyway, This is what it had to say:

    “A new ROBOCOP movie!!!!! Now, this isn’t a sequel. It’s a remake. Sorry, I’m not calling it a fucking reboot or a re-imagining. That’s stupid! It’s a remake! Anyway, I have not really been excited about this because the 1987 ROBOCOP is one of my favorite films of all time. It’s at least in my Top 10. I love every single thing in every single second of that film! I love the film so much, that when I joined Men’s Roller Derby, I came up with the derby name “Rolocop” for myself. I even have the OCP symbols on the sides of my helmet! I LOVE ROBOCOP!!!!!!

    Now, the first trailer has finally been released. Well….. I actually don’t think it looks that terrible. In fact, I was getting a little bit excited at times. Not necessarily because of what I was seeing was awesome, but just because that I was just realizing that there is going to be a new ROBOCOP movie in the theater. A film I can bring my kid to. A film I am going to see with my Derby Jersey on, and bring all of my roller derby pals. This is going to be a huge event for me. Will the movie actually be any good? It’s possible. I think Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman look pretty great, but that lead looks pretty bland. But the trailer has some neat things going on there, and I’d be lying if it didn’t get my “film geek” blood pumping at least a little bit. We’ll find out how good this remake is next spring!!!

    GO ROBO!”

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