Trailer for FADING GIGOLO starring John Turturro and Woody Allen!!!!! Wait! WHAT?!? That’s awesome!

I’m a huge John Turturro fan.  I feel like he’s one of the best actors working today, so I get excited when he’s in a movie.  If you’re wondering why I think he’s so great, then all you need to do is watch BARTON FINK and MILLER’S CROSSING.  And of course his 3 minutes of work in THE BIG LEBOWSKI is iconic.  I also think he’s a pretty good director.  His first film, MAC, was a great little drama, while his musical ROMANCE & CIGARETTES was a unique, little wacky gem.  Well…. he’s back in the director’s chair.  I had no clue this movie was even being made, and now it has a trailer!  Turturro also wrote the script for and stars in FADING GIGOLO, a story about a middle-aged man who is convinced to work as a male prostitute by a little old man…. played by none other than Woody-FUCKING-Allen!!!  I’m also a big Woody fan, so this is kind of a big deal to me.  Just think about it.  John Turturro is starring in and directing a movie in which he plays a male prostitute and somehow he’s coaxed Woody Allen into playing his pimp!  No words can describe how awesome this is to me!  I also think it’s cool because Turturro had a 30 second appearance as an actor in Allen’s HANNAH AND HER SISTERS back in 1986, so it’s nice to see Woody in one of his movies now.  This is appearing at the Toronto Film Festival next month, but no U.S. release date has been set.  I can’t wait for it though!


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