The all-new FILM GEEK CENTRAL Podcast! Episode 5

fgc1First came the Blog Talk Radio days. Then the 1985 Podcast. Now, join Scott Davis, Austin Kennedy and Jesse Hoheisel on their newest endeavor, a weekly podcast that is strictly three fiercely passionate film geeks sitting around talking about movies. What’s new in theaters, trends in film, top stories out of Hollywood … whatever is going on in the world of film is sure to come up in this ALL-NEW, WEEKLY edition of the FILM GEEK CENTRAL podcast!

In this episode, the geeks take a look at the SyFy Channel original movie SHARKNADO, Guillermo Del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM, the abysmal GROWN UPS 2, Rex Reed and his V/H/S/2 temper tantrum, the unrewarding TURBO, the much-better DESPICABLE ME 2, Scott’s all-new episode of MOVIOCRITY (which looks at actors and directors who are no longer trying), Austin talks about taking his daughter to the Alice Cooper concert and, finally, the geeks tear the MPAA a new one with their insipid guidelines that make no sense whatsoever.


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