The all-new FILM GEEK CENTRAL Podcast! Episode 4

fgc1First came the Blog Talk Radio days. Then the 1985 Podcast. Now, join Scott Davis, Austin Kennedy and Jesse Hoheisel on their newest endeavor, a weekly podcast that is strictly three fiercely passionate film geeks sitting around talking about movies. What’s new in theaters, trends in film, top stories out of Hollywood … whatever is going on in the world of film is sure to come up in this ALL-NEW, WEEKLY edition of the FILM GEEK CENTRAL podcast!

In the fourth episode, the geeks discuss their July 4th weekends, including Scott’s viewing of SUPERSTITION 2 and WARM BODIES, followed by discussions on the new films at the box office, DESPICABLE ME 2, THE LONE RANGER and KEVIN HART: LET ME EXPLAIN. Then, the geeks switch the Scott’s Current Film Geek Journal, which spotlights 1985 “gems” BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE EMERALD FOREST, RED SONJA and PUMPING IRON II: THE WOMEN. Finally, the conversation switches to Warner Bros.’ current court case against Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER, which claims the Weinsteins are not allowed to use that title because they’ve held the copyright since 1916. Say what??


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