Ashton Kutcher, inventor of the iPod in new JOBS trailer

The Steve Jobs biopic received mixed reviews at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and though I can’t attest to an opinion on my own accord, there is finally a trailer for the August release that seems to hint at why.

The issue I’m seeing is not Ashton Kutcher, who signed on to this role almost immediately after the untimely death of Apple Inc. co-founder Jobs two years ago. No, what the trailer for “Jobs” seems to indicate is that it almost seems to position Jobs as a candidate for sainthood, not to mention a tortured genius, as well as someone who speaks breathy, self-righteous platitudes while standing in tall fields of wheat. It’s hard telling from the trailer how much emphasis the movie puts on these potential aspects of his being, but let’s hope its minimal.

In other respects, the movie looks like it could be pretty good. Starting with the pivotal moment Jobs and Steve Wozniak began tinkering with a keyboard and a disassembled television set and culminating with a very brief image of Jobs holding up an iPod, “Jobs” looks like it’ll mostly be covering the Apple years of Jobs’ life, including that tense moment in 1985 when the board of directors voted to have Jobs removed from his own company.

“Jobs” opens nationwide August 16.


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  1. There is something odd about Ashton Kutcher being within a hundred yards of a poster that reads, “Think.”

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