Trailer for Woody Allen’s latest film, BLUE JASMINE!!!

Big, big, big Woody Allen fan over here.  His filmography is quite astounding.  He’s mostly known for his neurotic comedies such as ANNIE HALL and MANHATTAN, but he can also do serious dramatic work like INTERIORS, thrillers like MATCH POINT and CASSANDRA’S DREAM, and even charming fantasies like MIDNIGHT IN PARIS and THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO.  I get excited every time I sit down to watch his newest film.  His latest, BLUE JASMINE, seems to be more serious than his last few entries.  Cate Blanchett stars as a woman who is trying to get her life back together after the Government takes everything away from her, due to her crooked husband (Alec Baldwin).  Blanchett looks like she may deliver another Oscar nominated performance.  Also, Allen has put together a pretty colorful supporting cast that includes Sally Hawkins, Louis C.K. and (of all people) Andrew Dice Clay.  Really looking forward to this one!  It opens in limited release at the end of July.


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