Trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, DON JON!!!

I have always been pretty impressed with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The first movie I took him seriously in was MYSTERIOUS SKIN.  He was amazing in that movie and what that told me was that here we have an actor who wasn’t going to just do “safe” films.  After being in some great movies like BRICK, THE LOOKOUT and LOOPER, Gordon-Levitt is now making his directorial debut.  He also wrote and stars in it too!  It’s called DON JON, and according to the trailer, looks to be a dark, romantic-comedy.  It’s nice to see him go for a hard R-rated movie right away.  I think it looks really intriguing.  And yes, that is Tony Danza in the trailer!  Very cool!  I’m curious to check it out when it’s released in October!


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