The first trailer for the third entry in Vin Diesel & David Twohy’s Riddick series. It’s called….. RIDDICK!!!

I liked PITCH BLACK.  I think that movie caught a lot of people off guard by how awesome it was.  The follow-up, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK had so much potential, but it was marred by an overly ambitious script and a PG-13 rating.  Well, now they are back with a third one and it’s going to be rated R.  I like this character, and I know Vin loves playing him.  In fact, it’s more likely this film got made because HE wanted to play him again, NOT because audiences demanded it.  Which intrigues me.  A sequel that is happening because the people involved ACTUALLY wanted to make it?  Sign me up!  This definitely looks more like a straight up sequel to PITCH BLACK, as it appears to have the exact same plot.  Still looks fun though.


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  1. Too bad a lot of the fans of the last film refer to that as RIDDICK. I have people asking all the time. “I can’t find RIDDICK. I’m looking under R!” Have I mentioned that I service morons?

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