FILM GEEK CENTRAL Presents The FILMS OF 1985 Podcast — WEEK 18!!!

FGCIt’s that time of the week again! Time to listen to your three favorite film geeks gush, gloat and occasionally obliterate every film released in 1985! Every Friday, you’re invited to follow along as the boys review every film released on the corresponding week in 1985. Click the slider below and you’ll be transported back in time, a time when Madonna ruled the airwaves, Stephen King ruled the bookshelves and Axel Foley ruled the box office. We’re taking you back to the decade of big hair, big shoulders and big, memorable movies (and you don’t even need a DeLorean!). So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown as


With your hosts Scott Davis, Austin Kennedy and Jesse Hoheisel

On this week’s show:

rustlers_rhapsodyRUSTLER’S RHAPSODY — This film imagines what it would be like if the singing cowboy films of the 30s and 40s never went out of style. Rex O’Herlihan is a singing cowboy who is now entering his 48th town, one that is the same as every town that came before and full of the same people. This spoof co-stars Andy Griffith, Marilu Henner and G.W. Bailey.

Director: Hugh Wilson. Starring: Tom Berenger, G.W. Bailey.

Rated PG. 88 minutes.

fraternityvacationFRATERNITY VACATION — Two fraternity studs and one nerd travel to Palm Springs for fun, sun and mostly sex. There, they try to get their nerdy friend to loosen up as they make a bet with a rival frat over who can score with a beautiful woman staying at a nearby condo. The film features a cast of notable character actors.

Director: James Frawley. Starring: Stephen Geoffreys, Tim Robbins.

Rated R. 94 minutes.

almost_you_1985ALMOST YOU — Griffin Dunne plays a guy who is sick up his upper middle class New York existence. He wants out of his marriage, out of his job and he proves this by not caring about his work, neglecting his wife and engaging in the occasional extramarital affair.

Director: Adam Brooks. Starring: Griffin Dunne, Brooke Adams.

Rated R. 96 minutes.

mugsysgirlsDELTA PI — A group of loud, wild, debaucherous sorority sisters struggle to pay their debts to their sleazy landlord. A couple of young entrepeneurs approach them with the idea of entering a mud wrestling contest to win a $100,000 prize. So, the girls pack their elderly house mother and travel to Vegas.

Director: Kevin Brodie. Starring: Ruth Gordon, Laura Branigan.

Rated R. 87 minutes.

rappinRAPPIN’ — Mario Van Peebles gets out of jail and returns to his neighborhood with a hot fresh sound called rap – it’s the way people in the community say what they’re feeling. So, they rap about colors and food and come against an evil douchebag rival and the scummy businesspeople trying to force people out of the neighborhood.

Director: Joel Silberg. Starring: Mario Van Peebles, Eriq La Salle.

Rated PG. 92 minutes.

eightiesTHE EIGHTIES — Chantal Akerman’s strange film features a number of people doing line readings and performing bits from a musical being made by a largely unseen crew. The pieces all come together in the last third of the film as the musical is performed in full.

Director: Chantal Akerman.

Not rated. 82 minutes.


terminal-choice-movie-poster-1985-1020468196TERMINAL CHOICE — This Robin Cook-styled medical thriller has a hospital investigating the death of a patient who received a lethal drug overdose. All eyes are on the alcoholic doctor who was her attending physician. But could the murder actually be a product of the automated computer system?

Director: Sheldon Larry. Starring: Joe Spano, Diane Venora.

Rated R. 97 minutes.

rembetiko-posterREMBETIKO — This Greek film follows a woman named Marika from her birth in 1919 to her eventual death in 1956. Throughout her triumphs and tragedies, she is immersed in the world of Rembetiko, a form of Greek folk music which arose from the refugees during the early 20th century.

Director: Costas Ferris. Starring: Sotiria Leonardou, Nikos Kalogeropoulos.

Not rated. 150 minutes.

creatureCREATURE — A space expedition races against their corporate competitors in investigating an ancient trove of alien lifeforms found on Saturn’s moon of Titan. When they crash on the planet, they have to find a way off before being killed by a violent alien creature.

Director: William Malone. Starring: Stan Ivar, Wendy Schaal.

Rated R. 97 minutes.


Week 18 - Rustler's Rhapsody, Fraternity Vacation, Almost YouTHE DUNGEONMASTER — Paul (Jeffrey Byron), a young computer whiz, is abducted along with his girlfriend by Satan himself (Richard Moll). To win back their freedom, the demon challenges Paul to seven challenges where Paul can use his knowledge of technology (and lasers) to battle the more mystical obstacles set in his path.

Director: Charles Band and others. Starring: Jeffrey Byron, Richard Moll.

Rated PG-13. 93 minutes.



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