First Trailer for THOR: THE DARK WORLD Brings the Thunder

One of the most pleasant surprises of Marvel’s Phase One series, which led up to the AVENGERS film, was how good THOR turned out. I realize many comic fans will disagree with me, but I had always only been a minor follower of the comic and was dubious about the possibilities of a successful film being mounted based upon the property. But defying my expectations, THOR became my favorite of the Phase One films (I realize there’s quite a few Tony Stark fans who are in major disagreement). It was the best shot, best-paced of the Marvel-penned flicks until Whedon assembled the Avengers.

Now comes the trailer for the sequel. THOR: THE DARK WORLD finds Chris Hemsworth returning as the Prince of Asgard. He reunites with Jane Porter (Natalie Portman) and whisks her away to his realm. But both Asgard and Earth are threatened when Malekith (Christopher Eccelston) leads an army of Dark Elves in a bid to plunge the universe into darkness.

Also returning this time around are Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Rene Russo, Ray Stevenson, Jamie Alexander, Kat Dennings and yes, Tom Hiddelston as the diabolical Loki. Joining the cast this time out are Zachary Levi and Chris O’Dowd. Another new addition is the director. Kenneth Branagh decided to pass on helming the sequel. Directing duties instead fall to Alan Taylor. Although Taylor is known mainly for television work, his credits do include GAME OF THRONES, ROME and BOARDWALK EMPIRE. So, he should be able to handle epic storytelling fairly well.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD opens in theatres this fall.



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