First teaser trailer for CATCHING FIRE!!!

I know we’re late by a couple of days, but I feel like we shouldn’t be called “film geeks” if I didn’t post the trailer for the sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, called CATCHING FIRE.  I had a problem with the first movie, due to its shaky cam.  I couldn’t tell what the fuck was happening.  However, Jennifer Lawrence was awesome (and hot) in the movie, and I like the idea of the story (though it’s not wholly original).  I do have hope for the sequel because it’s directed by Francis Lawrence.  He made CONSTANTINE and I AM LEGEND, both of which I liked quite a bit.  And I also liked that Mr. Lawrence hasn’t met a tripod he didn’t liked.  So at least we’ll be able to tell what is happening this time, right?  CATCHING FIRE comes out this November!!!


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  1. I loved the first one and yes I’ve read CATCHING FIRE. But this one. I don’t know… maybe. I just don’t like Francis Lawrence as a director. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch though? Okay, that may be a stroke of genius.

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