You Will Know CARRIE’s Name

carrie_xlgA while back, we got a teaser trailer for the CARRIE remake. It featured one digitally enhanced contiguous shot of a burning suburbia as we heard audio testimonials of who could have possibly caused the mayhem. It all ended in a shot of a bloody Chloë Grace Moretz. Our own Austin Kennedy didn’t think much of the trailer. but when I finally saw it on a big screen, I was a little intrigued.

Now, we get a new, expanded trailer for CARRIE. Much of the trailer involves the abusive relationship between Carrie and her crazy, Bible thumping mother played by Julianne Moore. Then, we get to the powers. And here there are a few moments when I hope the term “They’re all going to laugh at you” won’t apply to this film. Really guys, let’s try to make these levitation scenes are easy to digest as possible. And then of course, there’s the marks we know from both Stephen King’s classic novel and Brian De Palma’s equally classic film. All in all, it looks pretty good.

So, why am I being so easy on this one? Well, truth be told we’ve already had a terrible CARRIE remake. No, I’m not talking about the miniseries which I still have not seen (though I hear Angela Bettis was quite good, and I believe it). I’m talking about the sequel from 1999, THE RAGE: CARRIE 2. They called it a sequel and brought back Amy Irving to make references to the original. But it was pretty much a brain-dead updating of the original material. Disappointing, since the director had previously done some fine low-budget films like DANCE OF THE DAMNED.

Also, the presence of Chloë Grace Moretz reminds me of another remake she was attached to. Just like everyone else, I was adamantly opposed to a remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which was one of the best horror films in years. And who can blame me? Most remakes are shameless retreads of the original. The worst offenders usually are those that adapt recent horror films for Americans because “We don’t likes t’read y’all.” But did you see Matt Reeves’ LET ME IN? Judging from the box office, a lot of you didn’t. That’s a shame, because I was completely wrong about that film. It’s not an improvement on the original, but it’s a fine companion piece. It’s a more streamlined, alternate way of telling the story. I have both LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and LET ME IN on Blu-ray and they both get a workout in my machine.

No doubt, the new CARRIE at least has a great director in Kimberly Pierce. She has demonstrated a care of the emotional turmoil characters undergo in her films BOYS DON’T CRY and STOP-LOSS. So, this might be one of those remakes that’s an exception to the rule.

Or it might be completely horrible. In any case, you have a new trailer to look at below and CARRIE opens on October 18th.


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