FILM GEEK CENTRAL Presents The FILMS OF 1985 Podcast — Week 13!!!

FGCIt’s that time of the week again! Time to listen to your three favorite film geeks gush, gloat and occasionally obliterate every film released in 1985! Every Friday, you’re invited to follow along as the boys review every film released on the corresponding week in 1985. Click the slider below and you’ll be transported back in time, a time when Madonna ruled the airwaves, Stephen King ruled the bookshelves and Axel Foley ruled the box office. We’re taking you back to the decade of big hair, big shoulders and big, memorable movies (and you don’t even need a DeLorean!). So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown as


With your hosts Scott Davis, Austin Kennedy and Jesse Hoheisel

On this week’s show:

ambassador1985THE AMBASSADOR — Cannon Group action movie about an American ambassador to Israel (Robert Mitchum) singlehandedly trying to bring peace to the Middle East. Alas, his efforts are waylaid when his wife (Ellen Burstyn) is thrust into a scandal that finds her sleeping with the enemy.

Director: J. Lee Thompson. Starring: Robert Mitchum, Ellen Burstyn.

Rated R. 94 minutes. Watch trailer.

martinsdayMARTIN’S DAY — An escaped convict named Martin (Richard Harris) nabs a 12-year-old hostage, also named Martin, and makes a run for his childhood cabin, while the Feds, headed by James Coburn, tries to stop him before he can hurt the boy. Think of it as “A Perfect World” for the whole family.

Director: Alan Gibson. Starring: Richard Harris, James Coburn.

Rated PG. 98 minutes.

beniker-gangTHE BENIKER GANG — Andrew McCarthy stars as the oldest “brother” to a group of orphans who escape the evils of orphanage living to make it on their own. How long can the Beniker Gang keep up their ruse before their nosy neighbors blow the lid off their scheme?

Director: Ken Kwapis. Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Jennifer Dundas.

Rated G. 87 minutes. Watch the first ten minutes.

Heimat1PosterHEIMAT: A CHRONICLE OF GERMANY — Filmmaker Edgar Reitz’s near SIXTEEN HOUR-LONG melodrama chronicles 63 years of German history (1919-1982) as seen through the eyes of the denizens of a small village of in the German countryside.

Director: Edgar Reitz. Starring: Marita Breuer, Kurt Wagner.

Not rated. 925 minutes. Watch trailer.


Week 13 - The Ambassador, Martin's Day, The Beniker Gang, Heimat, Lost in AmericaLOST IN AMERICA — Breezy comedy about two 30-something yuppies (Albert Brooks, Julie Hagerty) who sell all their assets in the hopes of living their lives as drifters who travel the country without a care in the world. Obviously, things do not go quite as planned. Brooks also directs.

Director: Albert Brooks. Starring: Brooks, Julie Hagerty.

Rated R. 91 minutes. Watch clip.



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