FILM GEEK CENTRAL Presents The FILMS OF 1985 Podcast — WEEK TEN!!!

FGCIt’s that time of the week again! Time to listen to your three favorite film geeks gush, gloat and occasionally obliterate every film released in 1985! Every Friday, you’re invited to follow along as the boys review every film released on the corresponding week in 1985. Click the slider below and you’ll be transported back in time, a time when Madonna ruled the airwaves, Stephen King ruled the bookshelves and Axel Foley ruled the box office. We’re taking you back to the decade of big hair, big shoulders and big, memorable movies (and you don’t even need a DeLorean!). So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown as


With your hosts Scott Davis, Austin Kennedy and Jesse Hoheisel

On this week’s show:

paradisePARADISE MOTEL — Gary Hershberger plays Sam, the new kid at school who improves his social status by renting the honeymoon suite at his father’s hotel out to the teens at his school who need to find a new place to have sex. Co-starring Al Hansen as the basketball coach and Bob Basso as Sam’s father.

Director: Cary Medoway. Starring: Gary Hershberger, Robert Krantz.

Rated R. 89 minutes.

sylvesterSYLVESTER — “Little House on the Prairie” alum Melissa Gilbert stars as a young Texas teen supporting her two young brothers by breaking in horses for Richard Farnsworth. After breaking in one of the wildest horses in the land, she travels to Kentucky to participate in a contest to help the horse become an Olympic jumping champion.

Director: Tim Hunter. Starring: Melissa Gilbert, Richard Farnsworth.

Rated PG. 104 minutes. Watch trailer.

hellholeHELLHOLE — After her mother is accidentally murdered by a scrawny, scarf-wielding thief named Silk (Ray Sharkey), a young woman develops amnesia and is committed to a mental institution run by mad doctors who are performing chemical lobotomies on the unsuspecting patients.

Director: Pierre De Moro. Starring: Ray Sharkey, Judy Landers.

Rated R. 90 minutes. Watch clip.

Week 10 - Paradise Motel, Sylvester, Hellhole, Blood SimpleBLOOD SIMPLE. — Debut feature from the quirky writing/directing team of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, it’s a twisty, darkly comic thriller about a murder than doesn’t exactly go off without a hitch. Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh, Frances McDormand and TV’s John Getz star in this neo-noir cinema classic.

Director: Joel Coen. Starring: John Getz, Frances McDormand.

Rated R. 99 minutes. Watch trailer



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