hang 3It’s back to Las Vegas for the “Hangover” franchise … to which I say, “Thank God!”

Perhaps the most exciting news about the upcoming “The Hangover Part III,” coming to theaters this summer, is that, unlike the so-so “Hangover Part II” from 2011, the film does not appear to be a carbon copy of the original. Yes, the first “Hangover” was very funny and turned out to be quite popular with its key demographic, but let’s face it — having to sit through the same movie for a third time sounds like nobody’s idea of a good time. Thankfully, the creators (Todd Phillips, who directed the first two, returns to complete the trilogy) have done away with one-joke-wonder Mike Tyson, who has said in interviews that he does not appear in “Part III.” Then again, Phillips has been wishy-washy on the inclusion of Melissa McCarthy, too, but wouldn’t you know, there she is sucking on a lollipop Zack Galifianakis has just pulled out of his mouth.

The movie shows promise based on the teaser trailer below. Here’s hoping the Wolfpack knocks “Part III” out of the park when it’s released Memorial Day weekend.


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