TWILIGHT SAGA Sweeps Razzies, Because That’s What Razzies Do


As is the case the day before the Oscars, the Razzies have been awarded.

Personally, I don’t like the Razzies. It’s not because I think they’re mean or that their targets don’t deserve every bit of the persecution they receive. No, it’s because you can pretty much guess who’s going to “win” as soon as the nominations are announced. The Razzies are the Cult of Popular Opinion, as if all the cattiest know-it-alls from the E! Network got together and held a ceremony. Hence, the news here isn’t really news. Another problem area is that the way Razzies votes are tabulated, there is no assurance that the voters have actually seen the movies. Which might be another reason why the films that usually top the Razzie awards are the same things people bitch about in the comments section of Netflix or the IMDB.

But anyway, to no one’s great surprise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 pretty much swept the awards this year. TWILIGHT S.B.D. #2 as the Razzies call it (ooooh, kitten can scratch!) won seven awards, including: Worst Picture, Worst Director (Bill Condon), Worst Actress (Kristen Stewart), Worst Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner), Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Screen Couple (Lautner and Mackenzie Fay) and Worst Sequel Remake or Rip-Off.

Adam Sandler, who really is the worst thing in Hollywood right now, won Worst Actor for THAT’S MY BOY! The so-called comedy also took home an award for Worst Screenplay (David Caspe).

And finally Ri-Ri herself, Rhianna won Worst Supporting Actress for BATTLESHIP. I will avoid any jokes about sinking, because they were all already made, mostly by the Razzie people themselves.

None of my criticism is a defense of the films that won the awards. It’s just the way it’s done that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So, who will win the 2014 Razzies? No one knows right now, but once the nominations are announced, you’ll see the winners coming from a mile away.


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