TOP GUN returns — in IMAX 3D!!!

top gun

“Top Gun” is back in theaters this weekend, and the experience just might take your breath away.

That’s because the movie is showing exclusively in 300 IMAX theaters across the country (you can find theaters in your neighborhood by clicking this link). Prior to Tony Scott’s death last summer, rumors were flying around Hollywood about a sequel to the 1986 action/romance that launched Tom Cruise into movie superstardom (“Risky Business” came first; this one was bigger). They also spoke of releasing the film in 3D, and wouldn’t you know, they actually followed through on the latter.

The film will be available on 3D Blu-ray on February 19, but to see the film blown up on an IMAX-sized screen in the interim, this is your chance. Incidentally, the proposed sequel has yet to be cleared for take-off, but if you and your loved one are seeking to scratch that pre-crazy Tom Cruise itch, “Top Gun: The IMAX Experience” should satisfy your need — your need for speed!!!


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