Even More Extendiness! Full-Length FAST & FURIOUS 6 Trailer Debuts!

picture courtesy of http://jalopnik.com

picture courtesy of http://jalopnik.com

FAST & FURIOUS 6 had the best trailer of any film previewed during the Super Bowl, and now they offer us an extended look with this three and a half minute spot.

My own history with this franchise is spotty. The first FAST AND THE FURIOUS sent us Midwestern twentysomethings in fits of laughter. People raising flourescent cars down the street with flames coming out because of their all-precious “NOS?” Come on. Then of course I moved down to Florida, where if you are on the coast, you will definitely see the street racing culture. I quickly phoned our own Austin Kennedy and told him, “You’re not going to believe it. We were wrong, This shit is real!” “Oh come on, Scott,” was his disbelieving reply. “No really. The races, the colors the culture, the atmosphere, hell even the NOS. Yeah, they Hollywoodized it a bunch, but it’s fucking real!”

So, FAST AND THE FURIOUS wasn’t a terrible movie, but it’s still pretty silly. 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS is no better and is a movie good for rolling your eyes at, nothing more. TOKYO DRIFT – is there anyone on the planet who likes this film? If so, I haven’t met them.

Naturally, I wasn’t going to see the fourth installment, named simply FAST & FURIOUS. But Austin and I were doing the original Film Geek Central podcast at the time, so I was sort of obligated to. I actually wound up liking the film a great deal, and it improves on repeat viewings. Two years later, I went to see FAST FIVE on the strength of the previous installment and quickly called it one of the best films of that summer. So ridiculously fun!

So yeah, I’m looking forward to FAST & FURIOUS 6, and even more so after looking at this trailer. If the film retains the same feel as the glimpses we’re seeing, it will blend a decent storyline with some incredibly goofy antics which may bode well for action films in the future.

I’m done making predictions on this franchise. I can’t think of another series which starts getting really good with the fourth installment. Color me pumped.

Check out the trailer below. Laugh at how you really can’t get Vin Diesel to emote if he doesn’t want to. And then see the full movie when it gets released on May 24, 2013.


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  1. I liked TOKYO DRIFT… But then, you haven’t met me 🙂

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