Complete Superbowl Trailers, Including the Extended Look at IRON MAN 3!

The Superbowl is over. The lights are back on in the stadium and the Ravens have got a shiny new trophy.

Also in the mix are the many TV spots and trailers for the big films we’ll be talking about for the next few months. Studios paid over $3 million for 30 seconds of airtime, so naturally they made sure that we paid attention. Here’s all the teasers, trailers, TV spots and whathaveyous that you will need.

The Rock goes hot and cold. Fortunately, the more action-oriented his films tend to be, the better they are. No tooth fairies or Jules Verne bastardizations in sight. Here’s SNITCH. Opens February 22nd.

By far, the worst looking trailer is for this new entry in the renaissance of douchebag cinema, 21 AND OVER. “Gettin’ down,” yeah that’s a really original joke you wrote for yourselves there. Opens March 1st.

Disney obviously hopes that Sam Raimi will do for OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL what Tim Burton did for ALICE IN WONDERLAND. For myself, I’m hoping OZ will be far better than Burton’s horrendous abortion of s film. And so far, it sure does look pretty. Opens March 8th.

IRON MAN 3 came up with something clever. They shelled out the cash for a 30-second spot. Teased the film with an action sequence that barely whet the appetite… and then told everyone to go to the internet where they had an extended trailer and didn’t have to pay $3 million every thirty seconds. Well played, Marvel. Here are both trailers,  the short Super Bowl spot and the – har har – “extended look.” Opens May 3rd.

For J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, the stakes look pretty high for the Starship Enterprise. Naturally, Abrams being Abrams, the plot is still pretty secret, though Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be more than you typical villain, Dare we say he seems to be somewhat superhuman (hint, hint)? Opens May 15th.

The 60-second spot for FAST & FURIOUS 6 had me cheering. Here was a series in which I really didn’t care for the first three entries. I wouldn’t have seen another one if I hadn’t been doing the original Film Geek Central podcast when the fourth film came out. I enjoyed that one a great deal, much to my surprise. So much so that I went to see FAST FIVE of my own accord and quickly proclaimed that to be the best in the series so far. And now, we have Vin Diesel growling his way through even more insanity. I mean, the plane! Just take a look at it. Opens May 24th

WORLD WAR Z looks terrible. It will probably make a fortune. My gripe with it is the studio rewrites and reshoots altering the Max Brooks’ source material, an epic in the zombie subgenre. Right now, this once promising film looks like a Roland Emmerich disaster porn where the disaster just happens to be zombies. Opens June 24th.

Just when I think I’ve formed an opinion on Gore Verbinski’s THE LONE RANGER, another trailer comes along to change it all over again. The first teaser looked promising, but the latest trailer making the rounds in theatres had me rolling my eyes and laughing derisively. But darn it all, this 90-second spot looks to be good fun. It’s also the first hint we’ve gotten at some dramatic tension in the storyline. So, which is it? Guess we’ll never know until we see it. Opens July 3rd.

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