Hold On! J.J. Abrams Is Directing STAR WARS After All?!?


The internet said he would be doing it. He said he wouldn’t be doing it. But now, various sources are reporting that J.J. Abrams may actually be directing STAR WARS: EPISODE VII after all.

Many directors names have been popping up in relation to the next STAR WARS film, the first to be released by Disney. Names such as Ben Affleck and Joss Whedon have also been talked about to take the reins on the high-profile project. Months ago, Abrams said he would not be directing STAR WARS, despite his enthusiasm for the original trilogy.

But now TheWrap is citing close sources that say Abrams will take the gig after all. Another source is telling the usually reliable Deadline , “It’s a done deal with J.J.”

But how can this be? After all, Abrams is already finishing up work on STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. You know, that other sci-fi franchise that sometimes exists in a confrontational “either/or” relationship STAR WARS. Abrams is responsible for rebooting that series for a new generation and no one is seriously expecting the second installment to be the last word he has to say on the matter. Still, if it is possible to do both, J.J. Abrams will officially be the most envied person in sci-fi fandom. And let’s face it, if there’s any modern figure that can alleviate the silly squabbles between the STAR TREK and STAR WARS camps, it’s probably J.J. Abrams.

Also, Abrams finds himself with no upcoming directing jobs after his work on STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS wraps. This would make him available to jump headfirst into the film, which will release in 2015.

A script by Michael Arndt (THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, OBLIVION, TOY STORY 3) has already been written. Abrams may tweak the script once he begins work.

Not surprisingly, no one is actually confirming this news. We wouldn’t even be reporting it if the sites breaking the story didn’t have such a good track record. So, you can probably expect an official announcement soon.

To tide you over until that happens, here is a picture of what we can expect from the opening crawl.



Special thanks to Aaron Billard for creating this frankly hilarious image.



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