First trailer for the new Coen Brothers film: INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS!!!

I am about the biggest Coen Brothers fan you can find.  I’ve given all but 2 of their films my highest rating, and I still really liked those too.  Along with Quentin, they are my favorite working filmmakers today.  Each film is very different from the last… at least in terms of story.  But their meticulous style is evident in all of their films, whether its FARGO, RAISING ARIZONA, or even INTOLERABLE CRUELTY.  MILLER’S CROSSING is still my absolute favorite.  I can’t wait for their new one!

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is based on a memoir by David Van Ronk, a New York Folk singer active in the late 50’s-60’s.  The trailer definitely displays their quirky style and humor, but it also shows that there will be some heart too.  Oscar Issac looks great in the title role, and of course, John Goodman is doing his Coen Brother thing.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a release date yet, but I imagine that will be remedied shortly.


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