Amanda Seyfried Explores Her Sexuality In LOVELACE Clip


Here’s the first two things you need to know about the upcoming film, LOVELACE starring Amanda Seyfried. If it’s entirely from Lovelace’s point of view, it’s full of shit. If it’s from scumbag ex-husband Chuck Traynor’s point of view, it’s really full of shit. The truth, as is often the case in dealing with damaged people with conflicting stories, is likely somewhere in between.

LOVELACE tells the story of Linda Lovelace, the first hardcore porn star. Raised in a strict religious household, she hooked up with Chuck Traynor. Traynor eventually got her into nude modeling, drugs and eventually hardcore pornography. She shot to superstardom as the star of Gerard Damiano’s DEEP THROAT, the biggest crossover success in porn history. After the drug use and abuse at the hands of Traynor continued, Lovelace’s star began to fade, even as she took roles in softcore epics like LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT.

She eventually claimed to be a born again Christian and wrote a successful book called ORDEAL, touring the talk show circuit and railing against the evils of pornography. When she perished in a car accident, she was trying to live in relative anonymity.

As can be expected, Lovelace’s and Traynor’s version of events varies widely. However, certain holes have risen that question the complete validity of either.

Seyfried stars as Lovelace in this biopic, helmed by HOWL directors Bob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Peter Sarsgaard plays Traynor. An impressive supporting cast includes: Juno Temple, Sharon Stone, Chris Noth Robert Patrick, James Franco, Hank Azaria (as Damiano), Adam Brody (as co-star Harry Reems), Chloe Sevigny, Eric Roberts and Wes Bentley.

LOVELACE is the first of two Linda Lovelace biopics in the works. The other film, INFERNO, stars Malin Akerman, Matt Dillon and Sasha Grey.

LOVELACE is premiering on January 22nd at the Sundance Film Festival with a general release to follow. The clip below shows Seyfried during one of her first, provocative photo shoots.

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