How can you tell when the mediocrity in Hollywood is eating itself? When it begins to rip off other mediocre films.

Here in America, our theatres will apparently be spared the new Miley Cyrus comedy SO UNDERCOVER (a title that should make everyone have to slap themselves when saying it out loud). Foreign territories aren’t so lucky as this weekend the UK, Ireland and United Arab Emirates will all be among the people lining up around the block (doubtful) to see this latest film.

In SO UNDERCOVER (slap), Cyrus plays a high school detective – those things that totally exist because Veronica Mars said so. As a result, she is naturally (shock) tough and (double shock) unfeminine. Yet, she is told to go undercover as a college freshman because 21 JUMP STREET’s box office demands it, where she befriends a young girl who I’m sure won’t have any accusations of “You were just using me!” in a third act plot twist.

What is shocking about the above trailer isn’t how derivative the film is of other current Hollywood product (And boy, is it!), but how shamelessly it rips off the Sandra Bullock comedy MISS CONGENIALITY, itself hardly a high watermark in challenging or memorable entertainment. Towards the end of the SO UNDERCOVER (slap) trailer, the film even rips off the “world peace” joke that was used at the end of the MISS CONGENIALITY trailer. If you want to compare, check the end of the Cyrus trailer out for yourself, now check out this same bit from the Sandra Bullock film.

If nothing else, this should prove to you all how much William Shatner boosts an otherwise sad little film. CONGENIALITY had the Shat, UNDERCOVER doesn’t. But who cares, right? After all, MISS CONGENIALITY was released in 2000. That’s like, ancient history and stuff. Ugh. It should also be noted that much of the foreign distribution for this film is being handled by Warner Bros., who also released CONGENIALITY.

As I mentioned earlier, producers have decided to skip SO UNDERCOVER’s (It’s an apostrophe, doesn’t count.) theatrical release in the States. We’ll be getting the DVD in February. I just hope the dozens of other territories where this is being released into theatres have forgiven us by then.




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2 replies

  1. To paraphrase another Miley Cyrus movie, I just “LOL”-ed about five times reading this. “So Undercover”… So stupid!

  2. I swear to God, this article made me read this blog…you couldn’t be more true…

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