More Graves to Be Spit Upon

Unfortunately, the world is experiencing no shortage of men who abuse women. If there’s one thing we’d like to see more of, it’s the women getting even. Movies have been portraying that scenario since a particular 1978 film with moderate degrees of success. Now, it’s happening again.

I’m actually a fan of Meri Zarchi’s 1978 film, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. A film more accurately (but less luridly) described under its original title, DAY OF THE WOMAN, I believe it to be an intense and complex feminist revenge film. I said so when I reviewed it years ago on Horror Express. This is the film that Ebert and many other critics famous gave zero star ratings. It’s a brutal film in which an innocent woman is harassed and repeatedly assaulted and left for dead. The woman then gets her revenge, dispensing justice in manners that include hanging, stabbing and castration. So, not a kid’s film. I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE was banned in several places around the world due to the graphic assault of the woman which takes up a grueling amount of the running time and the retribution that follows.

I was profoundly upset when I learned the film was getting the remake treatment. Due to the tone-deaf remakes being regurgitated out of Hollywood, the glut of creativity-challenged torture porn and the fact that the remake was to be directed by a man known mostly for directing films for SyFy, it was easy to be discouraged.

However, the 2010 version of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE really isn’t a bad film at all. It is definitely a pulpier, less serious take on the material – focusing mainly on the woman’s revenge and one of the perpetrator’s frantic, cold-hearted attempts to cover his tracks. It was given a limited theatrical release and enjoyed some success via VOD and DVD sales. Hell, this material which was once the most controversial thing ever can be purchased on Blu-ray at WalMart for $7.88 as part of a Halloween sale.

The success of the 2010 film has led to something the original never got, at least not in any official capacity – a sequel. Respected genre website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that director Stephen R. Monroe will be returning to helm I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE II. Though a more accurate title may be I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE TOO. Like many of the sequels from the 1980s, this will deal with a similar story and rely on name recognition. It involves a Missouri farm girl who meets three brothers when she tries to make a career in the city. They flee to another country (Okay, not sure how that works out, but we only have a few details here, folks) and bury her alive. Obviously, she breaks free and makes them regret ever meeting her.

The film will be written by Thomas Fenton, who penned SAW IV and CHAIN LETTER. It will shoot next month in scenic Bulgaria and be released by Cinetel and Anchor Bay Films.


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  1. Bonus points if the gravestone says “Paula Schultz.”

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