Teaser Trailer for the CARRIE remake

I am a huge fan of the original CARRIE from 1976.  Brian De Palma directed the crap out of that movie as it features some of the most impressive cinematography I have ever seen on film.  I get really upset whenever I hear Hollywood remaking a flick that is already a masterpiece.  Why mess with a good thing, man?!?  But then I heard that they cast Chloe Grace Moretz as the title character.  That definitely peaked my interest as I think she’s one of the most exciting young actresses of her generation.  And Julianne Moore as her mom?  Could be really good.  It’s also directed by Kimberly Pierce (BOYS DON’T CRY), so I’m hoping for the best.  But all my hope sunk when I saw this teaser.  It’s the exact thing I was worried about.  It’s pretty much just a (supposed) single shot, which starts as an aerial view of a small town on fire, and then swoops in to see a blood drenched Carrie.  The concept is good, but the execution is that kind of slick, polished, CGI Hollywood crap that I just hate.  I suppose it’s cool that Pierce is trying to be ambitious here, but I can’t help but think of De Palma’s direction in the original.  That film contains one of the most impressive, unbroken tracking shots I have ever seen.  And guess what, no CG.  That was done the old school way.  To me, that’s more impressive.  Now, I’m not the type of person to write off a film based on a 60-second teaser, but my faith has definitely been shaken.  I’ll still walk into the theater with an open mind on March 15th, 2013.


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  1. Teaser doesn’t fill me with hope, any more than the god-awful RAGE: CARRIE II from a ways back. However, I love Moretz and recent poster art of all things gave me a decent feeling. We’ll see. Now that bullying is big news again, they might do something interesting with it.

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