Austin Kennedy and I had the extreme fortune of talking to the stars of HERE COMES THE BOOM a couple of weeks ago at the red carpet premiere at the Mall of America near Minneapolis. While our photography leaves much to be desired, it was still a great pleasure talking with Kevin and Bas, two immensely likable actors who were very gracious after a long day of answering the same questions again and again.

First, a moderated Q&A with the K102 DJs and an autograph signing for Kevin and Bas’ rabid fans. The line was long, and they only had about 45 minutes to get through it before heading up to the red carpet.

Once upstairs, the stars were escorted down the carpet to a much smaller (and less starstruck) group of question askers: the press.

Mark Munoz, Kevin James and Bas Rutten graciously posed for photographs.

Next up, Bas Rutten (left) and Kevin James (right) were ushered around the carpet to various members of the press, answering any questions we had about the movie and their careers.

Finally, it was our turn to ask the boys our questions! In this picture, Austin is asking Kevin about working with the great Henry Winkler.

And here is me, asking Kevin about his upcoming projects (a valet-based comedy co-starring Kevin Hart, as well as next summer’s “Grown Ups 2”) and congratulating him on his success that has come quite a long way since his days doing stand-up. He graciously thanked us and boogied off to the premiere.

My review of HERE COMES THE BOOM can be found here.


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