New trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED!!!

I am an unapologetic Quentin Tarantino fan.  I have given every single one of his films 4 stars (just the ones he’s “directed”, not “produced”), so of course I have been waiting for DJANGO UNCHAINED since I first heard it announced, nearly 2 years ago.  Quentin Tarantino?  Western?  Yes please!  I have read the script already and it’s pretty sensational.  This latest trailer gives us a better idea of what sort of movie we’re in for.  I know everyone is looking forward to seeing Leonardo DiCaprio as the villain, but I’ve read the script and can honestly say that it’s Samuel L. Jackson that you should be getting ready for.  His character was my favorite and we get a pretty decent look at his character here, but don’t worry, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  We’ll see how Film Geek Central’s own Scott Davis thinks about Jonah Hill’s cameo, cause he HATES him.  I have my ultimate faith in Tarantino though.  This comes out Christmas day and it can’t come soon enough.  Love that Quentin uses the original Django theme song at the end of the trailer.  Perfect!!!

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  1. I see only two things wrong with this film so far.
    1.) Jonah Hill is in it.
    2.) I have yet to see any indication that Jonah Hill gets shot in the face.

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