Trailer for HITCHCOCK

The more I hear about this project, the more intrigued I become.  I am a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock (as any film geek would), but I’m always skeptical when I hear about someone portraying who is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable directors of all time.  I wasn’t convinced Anthony Hopkins could play Hitchcock upon first hearing the news, but after seeing this trailer, I think he was a good choice.  It doesn’t seem like he’s changing his voice all that much, but his appearance is pretty amazing.  The rest of the film looks very entertaining and promises to be a film geek’s wet dream as we get to see an intimate look at the making of one of the greatest horror films of all time, PSYCHO.  Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson also look terrific.  The movie is coming out in limited release on November 23rd.  It’s directed by Sacha Gervasi who made the excellent documentary ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL.  Can’t wait!


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2 replies

  1. Oh my God, it looks fantastic!

  2. I actually have a weird feeling about this. I’ll bet this is one of the big contenders as the Oscars next year.

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