Listen to the new Bond song by Adele

I am a HUGE James Bond fan.  But just as much as the films themselves (and in a few cases even more), I love all of the Bond songs!  Before the release of every Bond movie, I wait with anticipation as to who’s going to sing during the inevitable title sequence.  And my friends, the wait is over!  Adele is singing the new song, and you can listen to it in its entirety.  It took a while for her to grow on me, but I do really like Adele as an artist.  With her sultry voice, I think she’s a perfect fit for Bond, and the new song proves it.  It’s pretty fantastic (though I could do without the cheesy background singers).  It’s classic bond.  More of a ballad than the last 2 Bond songs, and that’s a good thing.  Check it out!  Also stay tuned, because I will be rewatching and reviewing EVERY Bond movie starting October 17th, counting down to the release of SKYFALL on November 9th.  Let’s start getting excited for Bond, cause this new one looks amazing!


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  1. How out of touch am I? Well, this is the first thing I’ve ever heard from Adele. How’s that for out of touch? And by the way, it’s great. Already the best Bond song of the Daniel Craig era. Beautiful.

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