I really, really want the new DIE HARD movie to be good.  I think the original is probably the best action movie ever made.  John McTiernan directed the hell out of that movie.  It’s the LAWRENCE OF ARABIA of action movies.  Hell, I even loved the ridiculous sequel, DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER, but for completely different reasons than the first.  I didn’t care for DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, but that’s because it felt more like a LETHAL WEAPON movie than a DIE HARD movie.  I’ve only seen that once, so I’d give it another shot.  But then came LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, featuring a watered down John McClaine and watered down action sequences.  Seriously, how was I supposed to get excited about “YIPPEE KI YA. MOTHER-” gunshot?!?  The first trailer for the 5th entry in the series looks more like the 4th one than anything else.  Still, I would say it’s too early to write off the movie entirely.  I love musical throwback to the first one here.  Not sure if I like Willis’ comment at the end yet, though.  I still don’t think McClaine is the type of character who would shave his head if he was going bald.  He wouldn’t give a shit, and just wear the clown fringe proudly.  Seems a bit modern to shave your head, and McClaine was DEFINITELY NOT modern.  But oh well.  We’ll see if it’s going to be R-rated or not.  But more importantly, we’ll find out on February 14th 2013, if it’s any good or not.  The film geek in me is hoping for the best.


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  1. Looks fun, but I just can’t shake that uncomfortable feeling I get knowing that John Moore is the director. From FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX to MAX PAYNE to THE OMEN, he;s 20th Century Fox’s generic director. He does what he’s told and that’s it.

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